Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cloverfield (2008)

Rating: A

'Cloverfield' is a hard movie to review. Not because it was badly made, but because it was quite the opposite. Cloverfield is an extraordinary movie, but confusion may ruin it for you.

'Cloverfield' is filmed in a unique style. Much like 'The Blaire Witch Project', the movie is filmed entirely with a hand-held camera. Don't let that put you down though. The camera not only has exceptional video quality, but is also indestructible, has unlimited battery power, and comes equipped with just about every special feature a camera can have. The style of filming shouldn't be a problem to viewers, unless you suffer from motion sickness. In other words, if you get sick on roller coasters, you will get sick while watching 'Cloverfield'.

The story in 'Cloverfield' isn't on the heavy side. The entire movie is about a small group of friends who are trying to locate another person who has a close relationship with the main character, Rob (Michael Stahl-David). Unfortunately, the person they are trying to reach is trapped in the middle of Manhattan -- right where the monster happens to be. The friends work there way through Manhattan, fighting off not only the big baddy, but also smaller vicious spider-like creatures. Although the story isn't very beefy, the writer managed to do a good job with it.

The one thing lacking in 'Cloverfield' is a back story. Throughout the entire movie, you will be asking yourself "What is that thing?" and "Where did it come from?" The movie does not offer answers to either of the questions. However, the back story for the monster has been covered through the movies viral marketing*, or the 'hype'. If you have not participated in the movie's hype build up, you will being missing out on some details about the monster, but the movie should still be an enjoyable experience.

'Cloverfield' surpasses all standards. It presents us with a fresh, "non-Hollywood" style of filming, as well as amazing visual effects. The acting is good, the story is great, and the monster is amazing. Don't hesitate for a second to see this movie.

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